Of Brahms and Massenet

Rivers of sound cascade hemiolas –
three into two, two into three –
swept along in passionate sequences;
rising and tumbling, they burst all constraints.
Contrast of instrument, strings and piano;
mouthpieces faithful channel composer.
Mirrored by features northern and orient;
Poland and Taiwan, fair hair and dark.

Female energy blends all these differences,
integrates duo, blue eyes and black.
Soaring on dreamy wings meditational,
high note harmonic hangs in the air.

Singing tear-drops fly from her bow;
pizzicato, then smoothly phrased.
Sonorous chords from the piano below
resonate poignantly, capture the heart.

Borne aloft by tide unstoppable,
we are at one, totally One
into the moment of exquisite ecstasy,
flowing Beyond in this River of Sound.

Peter Horsfield 10/9/2015

Inspired by Scherzo in C minor by Brahms, and Meditation from Thais by Massenet; items from the lunchtime concert performed at Leatherhead Methodist Church on 10th September 2015 by Anna Orlik, violin; and Yi-Shing Cheng, piano.